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Peruvian Causa with Tostones


For the potato base: 

• 3 pounds floury potatoes 
• ½ cup olive oil 
• 3 ají amarillo chili peppers very finely chopped 
• Juice of two limes 
• Salt and pepper to taste 
• A few sprigs of chopped parsley

For the filling: 

• 5 ounces canned or fresh tuna 1 can 
• 1/2 onion chopped 
• 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise 
• 1/2 avocado sliced 
• 2 hardboiled eggs chopped into cubes 
• 1 ají limo chili pepper chopped finely, or another similar chili pepper 
• Lulu Tostones


1. Place the unpeeled potatoes in a large pot of cold water, adding 2 tablespoons of salt. Bring it to a boil and boil the potatoes until they’re cooked and soft. Strain and set aside to cool.

2. When the potatoes have cooled sufficiently, remove the skin. Pass them through a potato ricer three times until the dough achieves a smooth and soft consistency. Add the olive oil, ají amarillo peppers, salt and pepper to taste and the sprigs of parsley. Knead the potato dough until you get a pliable and form texture.

3. To serve, use a greased 3-inch diameter mini-springform pan to help you put each individual causa together. Spread the potato dough on the base, about 1 inch high. Then place a layer of avocado slices, followed by a layer of the tuna filling, and finish your causa with another 1 inch layer of potato dough. Remove the springform and repeat 3 more times.

Decorate each serving with chopped egg and of course some Lulu tostones!!! 


This is a starter served cold, and can be kept in the fridge for a few hours (up to a maximum of 12 hours) but flavor-wise it really tastes best when it has just been prepared.

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